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Our mission is to see our workforce realize accidents can be mitigated and to assist them in taking steps on the journey to an injury-free work place.


Our vision is to inspire, educate, encourage and empower the workforce on the importance of creating a strong safety culture.

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A workmen’s rendition of Da Vinci’s Virtruvian Man is at the center of the ​Walk Safely Training Group logo because of what it is believed to depict. ​This image speaks to the complexity of the human body. It’s believed to ​blend Science and Art, it contrasts the practical and spiritual sides of ​human existence. The Virtruvian Man speaks to the concept of safety on ​many levels.

The concept of safety starts with each of us. There is a science to safety, ​but equally important there is an art -- knowing exactly when to use ​what approach and who should deliver the message. However we decide ​to approach safety, there are numerous tools to use and we must utilize ​the various materials and equipment available to us. Most importantly, we ​must know that we can stop accidents from occurring.

Rodney Walker provides the ignition or rekindling of that inner core’s ​desire to stay safe. Safety is a complex journey that takes a strong, ​focused work force and occasionally some outside encouragement to ​stay on track. Again, safety can be complex, but the goal of an injury-free ​work place can be achieved. With one step at a time, we can reach our ​desired destination.

Rodney Walker provides a personal account of his life-changing experience as a high voltage Arc Flash Survivor. He offers a compelling presentation and a keynote address that covers the following:

Detailed Account of the Arc Flash Accident

Thought-Provoking Ripple Effect

Interactive Hazard Recognition Exercise

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Rodney Walker Sr.

Presenter/Safety Consultant

Rodney Walker was a 35 year employee of one of the largest utilities in the US. Over his ​extensive career he gained experiences on various levels of the utility industry. His back​ground includes trade experience as an Aerial Line Mechanic and a First Class Tran​smission & Substation Operator. He began his professional career as an Electric Facilities​ Clearance Writer, an Environmental and Training Coordinator, a Safety Professional, a Behavior​al Based Safety Consultant, First Line Supervisor, a Sr. Electric Methods Specialist a Sr. Electr​ic Instructor and presently Customer Operations Manager Field & Meter Services.

In the mi​d​ 90’s, Rodney was severely injured in an electric arc flash. He received 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree​ burns to his head, face, neck, left arm and also sustained internal injuries. After several su​rgical procedures and countless rehabilitation sessions, Rodney returned to work with an ev​en greater passion for safety and an overwhelming desire to keep others from injury.

Rodney ha​s​ two other passions in life that keep him truly motivated, his family and his mentoring ​organization. He started a Faith-Based Non- Profit organization in Men to Men Mentoring ​several years ago that allows him to continually make a difference in people’s lives. Finally, t​opping his list of passions is his family. He and his wife have now been married for 33 years.

Crystal Walker

Sr. Business Analyst / Lead Administrator

Crystal Walker is a mother of 4 and an active participant in community affairs. She is a faithful volunteer with Neighborhood Meals on Wheels. Crystal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA). She furthered her formal education by enrolling in a Master’s program at Temple University, majoring in Elementary Education. Crystal's passions lie with the advancement and development of young people.

chelsea Walker

rodney walker jr.

Sr. Business Analyst / Administrator

Chelsea Walker is a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist. She earned her Bachelor's degree at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) studying Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. Chelsea continued her education at Towson University (Towson, MD) studying Speech Language Pathology where she earned her Master's degree. Chelsea is passionate about helping children and adolescents express themselves and reach their fullest potential as well as supporting parents of children with autism.

Data Analytics Lead

Rodney Walker holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Duquesne University. He continued his studies earning a Master’s in Science in Data Science from Eastern University. Rodney has a wide array of interests and enjoys finding creative ways to use technology to optimize the world around him.

noah walker

gabrielle walker

Support Services

Noah received his bachelor's degree ​at The University of Pittsburgh ​studying Psychology with a minor in ​Administration of Justice and related ​area in Africana Studies. He ​continued his studies and earned ​his master's degree in social work, als​o at The University of Pittsburgh​. He plans to pursue a career as a ​Sports Social Worker. Noah enjoys​ spending quality time with family​ and friend​s and being outdoors.

Support Services

Gabrielle Walker is a student at ​Howard University (Washington, D.C). ​She is working towards her bachelor’s ​degree in biology with a double minor ​in chemistry and psychology. She plans ​on continuing her education to obtain a ​combined MD/Ph.D. Gabby hopes to ​become a practicing psychiatrist while ​advancing and diversifying the ​scientific research field. She intends to ​conduct research regarding ​neurological disorders in children and ​adolescents.




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comprehensive Injury Prevention

Solutions (Cips)

ASTM: Subcommittee Chair F 18.65 ​“Wearing Apparel For Electrical ​Workers”

randall wade sr.

Retired ASP, CUSA, Sr. Safety Professional


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"I have now observed Rodney Walker tell his story at three different venues with a variety of audience members and backgrounds. At every meeting or conference, Rodney has captured the audience’s undivided attention and I could hear a pin drop. Rodney takes his story beyond his personal pain as he explains the Ripple effect and the pain and suffering of his loved ones and those that surround. This story touches everyone as has been seen by the raving reviews returned after his speech."

Robert Maryyanek, CSP - Safety Program Manager

National Grid USA | Marlborough, MA

"Rodney is a passionate speaker who connects very well with his audience. It is obvious that he speaks from his heart and is committed to helping others avoid accidents in their lives. He connects extremely well with his audience by building from the background and events that lead up to his accident, then breaking down the Ripple Effect that occurred from the injury through today. He has managed to integrate some humor into his presentation as well which helps the audience connect better with the human factors involved in an accident. Rodney is candid when he describes the various points where he could have made different choices personally on his fateful day that would have ensured that the accident would have been avoided."

Bill Hinrichs - Safety and Security Manager

New Energy Alliance | Marlborough, MA

The YWMIC Scholars Program participants "... thought is was great They learned about job safety and the importance of being careful and patient with your work. The instructor shared his personal experiences with a flash fire and that seemed to really drill home his presentation."

YMWIC Scholars Program

“I met Rodney a few years after the incident and had the good fortune to watch him grow into a passionate influential leader. Rodney is the real deal, he has done line work and including being a substation mechanic for a large utility on the East Coast, so he knows the business and has walked in the shoes of the electrical worker, but Rodney also has a degree in Education from Temple University, so he has the insight on how to connect with folks to make his point.”

John Boyle - Director

Acciona Corporate Quality, Safety, & Environment

“Rodney has a gift… his story has the ability to keep others from experiencing the same pain and anguish he has undergone. He sincerely gives of himself each time he delivers his message.”

Kenneth Bowman - Vice President

Safety & Loss Prevention

Aramark Philadelphia, PA

“Rodney Walker's presentation, "The Journey of an Arc Flash Survivor, the Rodney Walker Story," was truly impactful and left a lasting impression on our line crews, electricians, engineers, and all the support staff who participated. Through his firsthand account, Rodney delivered a moving and powerful message about the potential consequences of not adhering to safety rules, procedures, and operational protocols. His presentation was well-organized and detailed, providing valuable insights into the importance of prioritizing safety in our industry. I highly recommend Rodney's presentation to any organization looking to reinforce safety practices and instill a culture of safety among its employees.

Juan Llera - Safety, Training, and Risk Management Coordinator

Keys Energy Services | Key West, FL

Rodney’s story is very impactful and relevant to all that hear his presentation. He has a serious story that pulls at your heartstrings and just when you reach that point… he provides relief with subtle humor that enables him to drive home a great message.”

Randall Wade - Utility Safety Professional

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